At Philips Recruiting Services, we excel in connecting exceptional talent with pioneering roles in the manufacturing and auto manufacturing industries. Our deep understanding of the technical intricacies and evolving demands of these sectors enables us to identify and recruit individuals who are not just skilled but are true innovators in their field. Partner with us to elevate your team with professionals who drive efficiency, innovation, and excellence in every aspect of manufacturing. 

Precision-Driven Recruitment

Engineering Your Success

As a dedicated general manufacturing and automotive industry recruiter, Philips Recruiting Services is committed to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within your specific manufacturing talent needs. Whether it's precision engineering, production optimization, or cutting-edge automotive technology, our focus is on finding individuals who don’t just fit the job description, but who will be instrumental in shaping the future of your manufacturing processes and outcomes. 

Tim is an excellent recruiter who has delivered outstanding results for me over the past several years. He has successfully filled a variety of critical plant operations and staff positions. Tim is extremely professional, he works with a sense of urgency and always delivers highly qualified candidates. I recommend him without hesitation to hiring managers and job seekers.

David F., Vice President of Operations

Tim has filled a number of positions for the company I work for. He has always taken the time to find out our needs, wants and salary. He searches for the right candidate and presents them in a timely fashion. He has made it easy for us to decide which candidate to use due to their background and qualifications. It would take us weeks to sift thru the number of applications he does and find the right person; Tim has made this task very easy for us. I recommend Tim to any company that has a recruiting need.

Rod C., Director of Operations

As an HR professional I worked with Tim while I have been unemployed and looking for new opportunities. Tim was very helpful, supportive and extremely professional in all our dealings. As someone who has used multiple recruiters over the last couple of years in filling positions, I found Tim to be one of the most focused and thorough professionals in the business. I would highly recrommend Tim as a recruiter and plan on utilizing his services in the future.

Paul S., Director of Labor Relations

I have worked with Tim personally and professionally on many occasions and have always been impressed with the results he generates.

Rob O., Vice President of Operations

I have worked with Tim for more than 10 yrs. Tim is excellent at finding top candidates that fit the role and the culture of a company. He works to understand what type of candidate you are looking for and only offers up the right candidates for the position. Thanks Tim and keep up the great work!

Dave S., Global Director of Operations
Tailored Recruiting Expertise

Your General Manufacturing and Automotive Industry Recruiter

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Advanced Manufacturing Recruitment

Our expertise in recruiting for advanced manufacturing roles means we understand the specific skills and qualities needed in this sector. We focus on sourcing professionals adept in the latest manufacturing technologies, production methodologies, and quality control standards, ensuring they can contribute significantly to your manufacturing operations. 

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Automotive Industry Specialists

In the fast-evolving automotive sector, finding the right talent is critical. Our recruitment strategy is centered on identifying individuals with a deep understanding of automotive engineering, design, and production. We connect you with professionals who are not just adept in current automotive technologies but are also forward-thinking, ready to drive innovation in your projects. 

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Custom Recruitment Solutions

At Philips Recruiting Services, we don’t just fill positions - we provide custom recruitment solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for a project manager, a process engineer, or a specialist in lean manufacturing, we have the network and expertise to find the perfect match for your organization.