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Philips Recruiting Services has carved a niche as distinguished manufacturing recruiters, with a journey that began in 1997. We've honed our expertise in connecting esteemed manufacturing firms with the finest talent in the industry. Our profound insight into manufacturing dynamics positions us uniquely to navigate its complexities.

We understand the intricate layers of manufacturing, from automotive suppliers to diverse sectors, allowing us to stay ahead in this fast-paced industry. Our commitment goes beyond matching resumes with job descriptions; we aim to forge enduring partnerships where skills, culture, and goals align perfectly.

Our ethos is driven by a blend of character and integrity, seamlessly merged with advanced technology and rich resources. This unique approach underscores our dedication to crafting the most fruitful employment partnerships in the manufacturing realm.

At Philips Recruiting Services, our team embodies the essence of seasoned Manufacturing Recruiters, enriched by firsthand experience in the industry. This direct involvement in the manufacturing world equips us with an authentic perspective on what it takes to succeed in various roles.

Adaptability and innovation are at the core of our recruitment philosophy. We constantly refine our methods to resonate with the evolving needs of the manufacturing sector. Our agility and keen understanding of both client and candidate needs fortify our position as a trusted recruitment partner.

Our track record speaks volumes about our commitment to recruitment excellence. Trust in Philips Recruiting Services as your guide through the intricate landscape of professional manufacturing recruitment, where every placement is a step towards collective success.

The Crew

The Leadership Team

Discover the dedicated experts behind Philips Recruiting Services, each bringing a wealth of experience and a personal touch to your manufacturing recruitment journey. Our team, drawn from diverse backgrounds within the manufacturing sector, stands as your ideal partner, deeply understanding your specific recruitment needs. 

Tim Piccini
Managing Director